About The FITC Alliance

What is the FITC Alliance?

The Florida IT Career, or FITC, Alliance works with high schools, colleges, and technology employers along the panhandle of Florida. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness of the immense opportunities in technology fields. High school and college students will be informed of the opportunities through interactions with FSU and FAMU programs, as well as local industry partners. The Florida IT Career Alliance is funded by one of the four totaling $15 million grants awarded by the Florida Board of Governors for collaborative higher education projects. This initiative is designed to produce more students for careers in the high-demand fields of computer science, information technology and engineering. The grants focus on aligning university and college degrees with the state's workforce needs.



Our Mission

To recruit, retain, and employ qualified Florida graduates in competitive computer science, information technology and engineering professions.

Project Goals

  • Engage interest in the K-20 education system by recruiting high school and college students in the Florida Panhandle.
  • Enable academic and industry relationships to assess and implement courses to prepare for industry qualifications.
  • Collect and analyze recruitment, retention and alignment data from the project.
  • Create well-qualified Florida college graduates to pursue careers in the information technology industry.