Meet Adaobi Obi

By: Shelby Hobbs
Friday July 10, 2015

Adaobi Obi is a senior at Florida A&M University studying Computer Science. She is an eloquent young woman who is passionate about teaching others about the opportunities available in technology fields. Adaobi is involved with multiple organizations across the FAMU campus. In the fall of 2014, she helped to reestablish the FAMU chapter of the Association of Computing Machinery after 8 years of being inactive. She is currently the Vice President of the ACM. In this position she works to promote technology across campus by constructing events for her peers that increase computer knowledge in a fun way. Adaobi is also a philanthropist. She mentors two young ladies for FAMU’s Big Sister Little Sister. She is a part of the Sickle Cell, Lupus, and Autoimmune Disease organization where she works with other to promote the uplifting and supporting of individuals with autoimmune diseases.

IMG_9715In October 2014, Adaobi joined the Florida IT Career Alliance team as a Student Ambassador. “My goal is to reach out to young girls and spark their interest, passion, and love for IT,” Adaobi replied when asked why she joined FITC. Being a Student Ambassador has allowed Adaobi to be involved with a variety of activities promoting IT across the Florida Panhandle. These activities range from participating in panel discussions to presenting on behalf of her fellow Student Ambassadors at different events. Although all of these experiences have been inspiring, Adaobi enjoys teaching younger students the most. She loves helping others understand the concepts she has learned as a Computer Science student. With FITC she has been able to teach students at middle and high schools across the Panhandle.

Major: Computer Science
Graduation: December 2015
High School: Freedom

“Information Technology is so versatile and there are endless opportunities for people. FITC presents an opportunity to be able to shed light on that and speak to the masses about such an amazing field.”

Adaobi is an active Student Ambassador engaging in a multitude of events, especially those where she has the opportunity to teach others. At James Madison Preparatory High School, she was able to assist students with robot assembly. The students were required to apply their coding knowledge to program their robot. Adaobi has worked with LabView at Godby High School and oversaw programming at SAIL High School. She has been teaching C++ to students at Rickards High School and students in the RIMS Upward Bound summer program. In just a few short months, Adaobi will be graduating from FAMU to pursue her dream career as a Business Analyst at Samsung or Delta Airlines. “I love IT and being that liaison between the techs and the customers is my dream,” stated Adaobi.
To learn more about Adaobi, connect with her LinkedIn.

FITC Student Ambassadors make up a team of dedicated and knowledgeable students both at FSU and FAMU. These students travel across the Florida Panhandle to promote information technology, computer science, and computer engineering to high schools. Ambassadors are responsible for activities such as running coding camps, assisting in technology clubs, or hosting college tours. For more information on FITC Ambassadors, visit the Ambassador page.

The Florida IT Career Alliance is an initiative funded by the Florida Board of Governors which aims to recruit, retain, and employ Florida's next generation technology workforce. FITC promotes information technology, computer science, and computer engineering to local high schools and college students across Florida. Connect with FITC on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Adaobi at James Madison Preparatory High School assisting students with robot assembly.

Adaobi with fellow Ambassadors meeting Rickards High Principal Douglas Cook after teaching students C++.